We love cupcakes! We love how these little treats are the perfect size for one person to indulge in on their own. To satisfy as many taste buds as possible we have a selection of fifteen cupcakes delivered daily, these include the Pick Me Up Line, the Luxe range, Cupcake of the Month and the Throwback Friday range.

Our most popular line up of cupcakes can be found in the Pick Me Up Line range, where we create new and delicious flavours to tease your tastebuds. If you have a taste for the finest ingredients around, then pamper yourself with the rich and bountiful taste of the Luxe range. Check out our special, seasonal Cupcake of the Month and see what we’ve cooked up to surprise you. If you’re feeling nostalgic and miss the taste of your favourite cupcake, you can always see our born again classics with our Throwback Friday range.

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Cakes And Cookies

We make lots of other cakes, cookies and tarts. Most of our cakes are classic flavours that remind us of happy times and happy places where good cake and good company made special memories. From Fudge Brownies and Orange Poppyseed loaf to Éclairs and Chocolate Tart, we really have lots to offer.

We also have started a small range of cakes that are less sweet. If you are looking for a vegan cake, then the Skinny Chocolate is dairy and egg free alternative that is equally rich yet light and satisfying. If you are looking for a healthier cake, our Carrot cake is made up of more carrots than the brown sugar that we bake it with.

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We think every special occasion should be celebrated with a yummy cake. Our designs are unfussy and elegant. We have a range of designs to suit most occasions, and these can be ordered in a range of sizes as well as colours and flavours. Do check our Facebook or Instagram for the latest photos of cakes we have made. Do remember that we need at least five working days to process Celebration Cake orders.

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Wedding Cakes are very special cakes. When we are asked to make a wedding cake, we feel honored. Most people only have one wedding cake, so we realize what an important task we have been chosen to take on. We have a range of eight cake designs that can be customized to suit the colour and theme of most weddings. Do check our Facebook or Instagram for the very latest wedding cakes that we have made. As each cake is made specifically for each customer please give us a minimum of 3 weeks to process your order.

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