About Us

About Us

About Us

The Company’s Vision Is

To touch and enhance lives through the best tasting baked treats.
Serving with them the best possible customer experience.

The Company’s Mission Is

To delight and touch every customer so they return for more.

Bisou opened its doors in 2006 with the mission of baking treats that tasted as good as they looked. Out of this came the unfussy, elegant yet pretty cakes and cupcakes that are distinctly Bisou in style which do not disappoint taste buds.

We personally craved the comfort and satisfaction that comes when one eats a treat that is baked at home by hands and a heart that cares. We bake the old fashioned way, creaming butter and sugar before adding in the eggs and then the flour and milk. We believe that there is something special about taking the time to bake and create treats.

Centralising the baking to our production kitchen ensures that each cake, cupcake or cookie is baked under the close supervision of pastry chefs who take great pride in their trade. They cream, beat, mix and scoop, frost and decorate as best they can to achieve a look and taste that is distinctively Bisou.

In our kitchen we do not take short cuts and we know how it is important to use the best possible ingredients to achieve the best tasting bakes. For example, we use real lemons in our lemon frosting, we take the time to grate the zest and squeeze the juice by hand. Butter, there is no substitute for real butter, we use good quality butter, this affects not just the flavor but also the smell of a good cake or cookie.

We also understand that the whole experience of enjoying a baked treat is to receive the best possible service from a cheerful, happy and warm person who really cares. We take the time with our team members grooming them and teaching about great customer experience. We also show them and teach them about our products with the hope that they will become as passionate about the baked goods as we are. We believe that having a deep understanding of products and caring is key to fantastic service.

As our treats do not have any preservatives in them, their shelf life is limited. Our teams understand how important it is that our customers get the freshest cupcakes and cakes so we have a delivery everyday to all our outlets.